What Clients say about Performance Keys…

‘’We are extremely happy with our plan, we could not have come up with such a detailed and formal document without Steve Clark & Stuart Ayling. The biggest outcome will come from applying the plan. They have gone out of their way to assist us with making sure we are guided through that process’’

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Brett Holdsworth
Managing Director

‘’The whole process has given people more of a voice and people are speaking more openly and constructively with each other. We have implemented new procedures on the back of the work we have been doing with Steve. Client satisfaction based on feedback has improved, and staff are striving to achieve more within the business. Having someone there to structure training, guide you as issues come up and have all the knowledge and experience Steve has, has been invaluable’’

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Janine Horrocks B.Sc. (Hons)
General Manager

‘’We are currently updating our 5 -year plan with Steve’s help and the support that Steve has given us in terms of even being a sounding board for frustrations, has been invaluable. Support of other staff with training and one-on-one coaching has been immensely helpful as well. It can’t be over-stated the growth we’re experiencing with the amount of change going on in our business, I’m convinced without Steve’s help we would have been left floundering’’

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Brendan McAuliffe
General Manager

‘’New systems along with an emphasis on empowering staff allowed Jason to take his three-month break assured the business would run well for the duration.
“The business ran fantastically while I was away so there’s a tangible result right there,” McKenzie said.
“We’re still in a 6-12-month period of embedding everything but a lot of the focus has been put on culture. We’ve come up with a set of 10 mantras all of the staff were involved in developing. It’s really been an inclusive process and staff have real buy-in to it because they’ve been involved all the way along.
“We’re continuing to work with Steve because we see the value in the work he does. I really like the fact he doesn’t beat around the bush, having that good feedback and honesty is what helps us to improve.”

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Jason McKenzie MAICD
Managing Director

‘’Working with Performance Keys has allowed AR Developments to approach new challenges with confidence. “Steve has been very helpful with our staff culture and communication,” says Mick McMillan.

“He came pre-qualified through a referral who said he was trustworthy, and Steve has been very good at being diplomatic and understanding what needed to be delivered to staff and to management.

“Strategy is largely our responsibility and Steve is the ideal third party to implement procedures with staff.

Staff know they can be quite open with Steve, and they really have been.”

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Mick McMillan
General Manager