Our “From Ideas to Action” Projects

Here are some of the ideas and projects we have helped to successfully launch over recent years.

  • Installing and training a management team for an electrical services firm to enable the business owner to step back from the day to day running of the business without experiencing a loss of profits or control.
  • Build a new customer experience model for an IT company.
  • Installing a self-managed performance review & accountability process for a property development company.
  • Complete systems and process systems overview and optimisation including knowledge management system for a software development company.
  • Creating a value proposition, soft IP and proprietary processes for an outsourced Chief Technology Officer.
  • Design and implement the company’s first integrated strategic, operational and marketing plan for a parking systems & management services company.
  • Designed and implemented holistic KPI’s and their measurement criteria for a managed IT services firm.
  • Implementing a board of management structure for a number of businesses including advice on member composition.
  • Designing and implementing a 3-year profitable exit strategy from the business for a fire protection business.
  • Helping remove a business partner that was not pulling his weight from a home automation business.
  • Reviewing and crafting the perfect pitch for the perfect client based in the public relations industry.

As you can see from the above it’s a mixture of small, medium and large ideas and projects that have been evaluated, launched and successfully implemented. We are happy to chat to you about any and all ideas you have as ‘unsatisfied curiosity’ can be a frustrating legacy to be left with; ‘the what if, could have, should have’ type scenarios.
On the other hand, here are some of the ideas that under scrutiny did not pass the validation of a good idea test and hence saved considerable time, effort and money in pursuing them were;
  • Evaluating a potential new business partner for a security systems firm where upon scrutiny and being totally objective, they were inherent risks involved.
  • Evaluating and advising on the proposed expansion into larger premises for a medical services firm where the net revenue, margins & ROI do not meet owner requirements.
  • Expanding a company’s product & service range where the correct strategy was (and was accepted) as focusing on a smaller range of higher yielding margin products & services and offering speciality solutions.
  • Evaluating and dismissing interstate expansions plans for a manufacturing company due to lack of sufficient leverage and economies of scale.
  • A company operating in the IT industry where the owner was proposing an employee share ownership scheme. Although the concept has merit in its own right it did not suit this business owners’ vision and style.