Our Team

Who else is part of our team?

Performance Keys works closely with 4-5 key strategic partners who provide individual expertise that Steve does not have.
These include.

Stuart AylingStuart Ayling from Pathfinder Advisors for strategic & operational Marketing assistance

Finding a totally reliable marketing person and/or company who can deliver successful results can be very hard to find as many readers would be aware. Stuart has been known to our company for many years and has consistently delivered great results to companies we have joint ventured on and/or have referred marketing and sales solutions to.

Roundhouse - logoSaul Edmonds from Roundhouse Creative for web sites, apps & digital marketing

Roundhouse Creative are small creative agency that incorporates all the necessary skills and disciplines to successfully implement the strategic marketing plan under the one umbrella. They have been successful in that market place for some time now and are valued as a trusted key strategic partner.

Troy Adams - Tech PathTroy Adams from Tech Path for IT Solutions & Services

Troy Adams & his team have been known to our company for 10+ years and have a reputation for excellence in an industry that can be up and down in terms of deliverables. They have our complete trust when it comes to guiding a company through their technology journey in terms of hardware, software, project installations, managed services, IT consulting, security and more.

Moreton Blue - logoSean Kelly from Moreton Blue for tailored software development

As part of our work with clients we find a number have disparate software programs and platforms that do not communicate with each other in the way they should. This means vital information is kept in several places and manual or semi manual processes need to be implemented to connect and make sense of the data. This is where Sean Kelly and Moreton Blue come in with their ability to design bespoke solutions that capture and analyse all the information required under the one platform. That enables the work we do with our clients to be systemised thus enabling us to add more value.

Integration Kings - logoRobert King from Integration Kings for Xero integration

(as a specialisation)

Many smaller to medium sized businesses today utilise Xero as their accounting platform. Xero has some 500+ additions that provide additional information that enable a company to utilise the information they have to operate more efficiently and drive better business decisions. This is where Integration Kings have speciality knowledge and are able to process and integrate systems in the most effective way possible using the Xero platforms.