Our Program Solutions

Master Business Blueprint (the full Monty and our signature product)

This holistic solution ensures that every key strategy and action necessary for business success is documented, active and generating lasting results. We work very closely with the business owner or senior management team to ensure full implementation and embedding occurs.

Pricing for this program

The pricing will be dependent on whether it’s a ‘refresh ‘that is required or ‘first time complete installation’. Clients can pay for a fixed price per month over the duration of the implementation process or purchase monthly ‘packets of time’ to suit their budget. Other questions you are bound to have regarding the options are best done face to face or over the phone.

These are the solutions clients choosing this program receive

  1. Vision, Purpose & Perfect Pitch statements
  2. Strategic or longer -term plan including transition, succession & exit (if required)
  3. Define and cement in place the desired culture the business needs to be successful
  4. Core values, mantras, behaviours and ‘our company way’
  5. Operational or current year’s business plan
  6. Finance plan
  7. HR compliance & training plan
  8. Technology plan
  9. Marketing plan A. Traditional. B. Digital, web, media, SEO, ad words etc
  10. Customer service or experience plan
  11. Sales and sales activity plans
  12. Management reporting review, structure, reports & tools
  13. Job Descriptions with Core & Holistic KPI’s
  14. Formal performance appraisal process
  15. Self- managed appraisal process
  16. Meeting protocols, structure and effective running
  17. Policies, procedures & checklists
  18. Innovation, streamlining & process improvement strategies
  19. Selection of short training programs tailored to suit
  20. Embedding tools including Perfect Year

Decide what you need from this menu and we can tailor a specific solution to meet your needs.

From idea to action, traction & results

Our eight- step process

  1. Clarification meaning being clear and precise on the idea and project including the answering of some key exploratory questions.
  2. Validation is beta testing to confirm the idea or project has validity in terms of being viable and generating the desired outcomes.
  3. Creation of the necessary strategy or solution roadmap in detail.
  4. Definition meaning determined the detailed action steps including prioritising the order of their execution.
  5. Assignment of roles & responsibilities which could involve recruitment and management of outside specialist consultants in certain areas.
  6. Implementation of the action steps in accordance with a detailed plan. This is really where ‘the rubber hits the road’.
  7. Realisation of the benefits to ensure that we can track & measure results using valid criteria. This also includes any turnaround strategies or ‘tweaks’ that may be required to get the project back on track if required.
  8. Embedding the benefits which means installing knowledge management & other processes to add that ‘stickiness or glue’ to the implemented solutions.

Pricing for this program

Due to the bespoke nature and tailored solutions the pricing will be based on a consultative approach on a case by case basis.