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The following are talks that Steve can do to help your organisation. 

How to think as smart as you really are

Effective decision making is central to everything to everything we do. This talk outlines a ‘thinking systems approach’ to problem solving whilst exploring some common and not so common limitations to our thinking.

How to incorporate human needs into business processes

If companies wish to extract the maximum intrinsic motivation from their team members then it goes without saying that employers need to understand their needs at multiple levels and ensure they are met on a consistent basis. This talk explains how to effectively go about doing that.

New leadership KPI’s

Leadership has moved significantly away from the default paradigms of ‘maximising shareholder value’ to outcomes that more closely equate to generating more positive human experiences within a company. That does not negate the need for strategy, performance and profits, its simply complimentary to and supportive of those outcomes.

How to have effective coaching conversations with purpose

One of the most highly desirable skills of today’s managers is cultivating their ability to coach their team members to willingly deliver on their potential performance in a self-regulated manner. Coaching conversations is one of the key methods to achieve this which is the basis of this talk.

Disruptive Pareto

The pareto principle or 80/20 rule is reasonably well known in business circles however despite that is generally not applied well in practice. This talk will discuss the concept of ‘extreme or disruptive pareto’ and how-to filer and focus the narrow range of tasks that lead to the maximum results with the least possible effort. The talk has close parallels to and draws on the inspiration from the book ‘The One Thing’ by Garry Keller.

The staff engagement model, re-booted

The term ‘staff engagement’ has been somewhat of a ‘buzz word’ over the past 5-10 years which means it can have unfortunate side effects like suffering from what we call ‘the complacency caused by over-exposure’. In other words, peoples have a limited amount of knowledge which they assume is enough.

This talk beings the focus squarely back to the fundamentals that ensure any business has highly productive and committed people working for and with them. In an era where that’s becoming harder and harder to achieve for a number of reasons, the consistent application of the knowledge we have in terms of attraction, engagement & retention needs to be put back on the front burner of strategies.

The Perfect Year calendar

As business improvement and implementation specialists one of the common frustrations we encounter are where good strategies that generate results either drop off in intensity or off the radar screen completely. Unfortunately, so do many of the benefits from having that particular idea, process or strategy in place.

We have designed the ‘perfect year calendar’ concept around the 12 -month, 52 week and 365-day business calendar where key activities and actions need to take place on a consistent basis. These are identified and built into the calendar to ensure they are being addressed and scheduled.

The purpose of this talk is to explain how to do it and what items to include. For example, it may be the strategic plan refresh that takes place in the first week of February each year or the performance appraisals that take on the 2nd Tuesday & Wednesday in May & September.