About Performance Keys

Business Improvement Consulting Services

Performance Keys has been operating since 1999 essentially solving business problems for companies that have between 5 and 75 staff across a range of different industries.

In recent years we have sharpened that focus to exploring and taking great business owner ideas to the market place which are delivered on a bespoke basis whilst incorporating some of the traditional business solutions outlined below. They can range from creating and implementing the following;

  • 2-5-year business plans
  • Vision, culture, values and mantras
  • Operational or current years business plans
  • Performance management systems -people
  • Performance management systems -business
  • Standards, processes & systems

Plus, tailored training across the following subject matter

1) Coaching skills for managers
2) Perfect personal productivity
3) How to think as smart as you really are (the art and science of effective problem solving & decision making)
4) Effective organisational stress management strategies

Comment about our training courses

All of our training courses have automatic follow up built in as part of the course. This is because we are implementers first and trainers second. We want to see the results for employees and companies and not it simply be another training course that has some immediate but not often lasting impact. Our goal is about achieving behavioural change and to be successful it does take time which is why we often has a short training follow up session where required along ‘train the trainer’ lines.